Our mission is to promote the culture, education, and enjoyment of Pisco through tastings, discussions, and events.

Savored on its own or incorporated into a cocktail, we envision a day when the South American spirit is more broadly recognized as the versatile and upbeat expression of a culture that it definitely is. Like Mexico’s Tequila and France’s Cognac, Pisco is too an appellation of origin spirit and is protected by a Denomination of Origin in Peru and in Chile. Although Pisco is a denomination of origin spirit it is underrepresented in export and the market is under-educated on the product, and as a result, it is undervalued. Pisco is more often than not categorized as an un-aged brandy within the brandy category, which it is, BUT it’s so much more!

The purpose of The Pisco Society is to work towards the day when this complex and profound distillate occupies a category all its own.