The Pisco Society

The Pisco Society is a roving celebration of the beloved South American spirit.

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Our mission is to promote the culture, education, and enjoyment of Pisco through tastings, discussions, and events.

Savored on its own or incorporated into a cocktail, we envision a day when the South American spirit is more broadly recognized as the versatile and upbeat expression of a culture that it definitely is. Like Mexico’s Tequila and France’s Cognac, Pisco is too an appellation of origin spirit and is protected by a Denomination of Origin in Peru and in Chile. Although Pisco is a denomination of origin spirit it is underrepresented in export and the market is under-educated on the product, and as a result, it is undervalued. Pisco is more often than not categorized as an un-aged brandy within the brandy category, which it is, BUT it’s so much more!

The purpose of The Pisco Society is to work towards the day when this complex and profound distillate occupies a category all its own.

About Us

We are a motley crew of bartenders, chefs, writers, spirits specialists and enthusiasts who are firm believers that the global popularity of South American cuisine merits an equally distinctive drinking partner. For the integrity of The Pisco Society, we choose to be brand independent.

As we festively flit from city to city with our Pisco paranda we would love for you to join us!

Nico Vera


Nico Vera is a writer, chef, photographer, and mixologist from Lima, Peru. He’s contributed stories and photography on Peru’s food and drink culture to Whetstone, The Bold Italic, New Worlder, Imbibe, and Eaten. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Nico and his girlfriend Alec enjoy exploring mountain trails, dancing to Latin music, growing vegetables in their garden, cooking vegan meals for friends and family, and playing world rhythms on guitar and drums. Find him at or @piscotrail.

Kami Kenna


Kami Kenna is a bartender, a flavor investigator, and an endless wanderluster. From Idaho, Kami now calls New York City home while she pursues a master’s degree in Food Studies at New York University. She is a senior tour coordinator for Experience Agave, an education based tequila and mezcal tour outfit operating in Mexico, a social media specialist for Puente-Internacional, Inc, a purveyor of heritage spirits from Mexico, and is an owning partner of a craft Pisco brand from Peru, PiscoLogía. While living in Peru, she learned to distill and the art of blending, which she now applies to work that she does at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn. Follow along at @kamkamgram, @piscologiapisco, and @drinkaseat.


The Pisco Society hosts educational events in collaboration with special guests from each city that we visit.

Join us for talks, tastings, and master classes.

Some topics that we explore are: the elaboration of Pisco, Master distillers and their brands, grape varietals and the regions they hail from, cocktails, Pisco in the grander umbrella category of Brandy, and so much more.

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